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Britney sat there with a polite, blank expression. This is the job, right? She knows there’s a lot she has to do so that she can continue to do the thing that she loves. You can’t just sing and dance anymore. You have to prepare to sing and dance, which is getting harder as you get older. You have to talk about preparing to sing and dance to reporters, and then talk about what you plan to sing and dance. Some interviewer had given Skittles to her as a gift during the junket, and now an assistant handed them to her when the lights went out. That’s what the interviewers do. They come and they give her food. Yesterday had been her 32nd birthday. Mario Lopez had brought cupcakes. (The month before, a foreign journalist had asked her what her birthday plans were. “Probably working,” she’d said. His response: “You’re so American.”)

via Miss American Dream — Matter — Medium.

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