Dumb Movie About Brain Capacity

I cringe whenever the trailer for LUCY shows up online or at the theater.  The notion that humans use only 10% of our brain is so silly. It is passed around because of a popular equivalence: the mind = the brain.

So, here is the problem. If the mind is the brain, any body who pays heed must know that we did not evolve an organ 90% of which is unused. No matter how stupid some act, the brain is not a vestigial organ. As a material organ, we actually use all of it.

Now, if we mean we are only 10% aware of what we can be aware… Okay. But even calling the brain the instrument of awareness, the entirety of the organ is not just for awareness. So what profound thing is conveyed by saying we do not use our full capacity for awareness? Certainly every great philosopher is always saying pay better attention.

But what we want to get from such a phrase is, given the opportunity, we could be in complete control. If only we could boost our brain power. Cue BS statistics and self help nonsense. And get Morgan Freeman to play the scientist who understands.

Every now and then a movie comes along that’s so beyond-the-pale sloppy, so disastrous in both conceit and execution, that it simply defies conventional analysis. It happened with The Happening. There was something unspeakably wrong with The Words. And Broken City was utterly beyond repair.So, too, with Lucy, writer/director/producer Luc Besson’s mind-bendingly miscalculated sci-fi vehicle for Scarlett Johansson. In its defense, I can offer only that Johansson is a moderately charismatic presence despite playing a character who barely qualifies as a character and that the film clocks in at a mercifully brief 89 minutes. That said, the sheer quantity of inanity that Besson squeezes into his limited screen time beggars that of awful movies of substantially greater length.Consequently, what follows is not a review but a spoilereview.

via Lucy: The Dumbest Movie Ever Made About Brain Capacity – Atlantic Mobile.


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