The Fear Soaked Victim at the Heart of the Police State

We live in a culture where the victim is always the criminal and the criminal is always the victim. When it is a murderer–one without a police shield, of course–this is the sort of thing shouted by all kinds of pro “security-above-all-else” folks.

Of course when it is a gay man bashed by a homophobe or a woman raped by a frat guy or a man of color by police, suddenly we see what it really looks like to blame the victim and let the criminal feel victimized.

Many folks talk about a culture of victimhood. But really, what we are dealing with day in and day out is those who have the privileges of power lashing out because without those privileges, they are just average people. Average people who do not want to admit how very unworthy they are to have what they have despite all their talk of hard work and commitment.

If you are this loathsome of the other that you have to bash him, if you are this resentful of the other that you must rape her, if you are this terrified of the other that you must kill him… you are indeed a victim of your own small souled fears.

The Ferguson police department, clad in armor and rolling in military vehicles, is terrified of the people it serves. Gunning down an unarmed, fleeing teen, and then hiding the name of the triggerman, are the acts of an institution that is afraid. Its cops believe they are victims; that Michael Brown’s death is an incident that happened to them. They have made it clear that the officer who killed him is one of them, a representative of how the department acts in the world.Michael Brown deserved better. So does his community; so does his family. If you know the name of his killer, share it with us. Let’s shine a light.We owe Michael that much.

via Who Killed Michael Brown?.

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