Speaking in Tongues

humming refrigerator
pleasure – neutral – pain ?

tapping keyboard
pleasure – neutral – pain ?

cursor flashing on screen
pleasure – neutral – pain ?

breathe breathe breathe

where mind wanders
at night along the pathways of memory
class lectures and money exchanges
gym workout and sunburn

lower backache
pleasure – neutral – pain ?

feet on the carpet
pleasure – neutral – pain ?

fresh chicken soup
pleasure – neutral – pain ?

where the soul wanders
in night vigil along the meaning of life
love as activity of life
love as force of change
love as being now/here

i watched the kingdom
struggle for love
but all the parts went to bed
alone and unloving
violence – fear – frustration

I watched the kingdom
struggle for life
but all the parts headed to work
disconnected and unliving
violence – fear – frustration

this love, this now/here
this life, this process
this opening up
this sitting together

mystery in plain sight

I heard the wings of the angels
I heard the laughter of the devils
I heard the silence of the gods
I heard the music of the spheres

living loving believing
pleasure – neutral – pain


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