The Journey to Mindfulness

To give everything back in open communication–the fullness of love–is the vocation of everyday life…

Realize this… Around our ownmost personhood there is a circle of earnestness that we might call our mindfulness. It has two principal faculties, the will-to-order and the will-to-Transcendence. Call these respectively the innate desire for absolute certainty and the innate desire for boundless love. Because of our instinct for violence–how we get off track from being now/here, how we veer off the Way–we are often out of touch with our mindfulness. Disconnected and closed off, our operative consciousness in day-to-day existence manifests as a passive-aggressive false self rather than the living expression of the Encompassing.

The journey to mindfulness begins when we attend to how our ordinary psychology is dominated by the false self with its structures for pleasure and for inauthenticity, or the incessant adapting of our own path to a kind of socio-cultural absorption and regurgitation. The mindful journey involves an inner transformation of our stance and trajectory. This begins when we recognize how we are being out of contact with our mindfulness and our ownmost self. Only then can we take up contemplation, or the means to return to the Way. Through our decisive practice we manifest the possible Self-Actualization and indeed the freedom inherent from the intuitive leap to creativity: the boundlessness of the Encompassing.

Open up to this… Contemplative grace arises from authentically being now/here as the inmost possibility to transcend.


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