Borobudur Buddhist Temple

Great entry from the folks over at OOAworld Travel…

The first steps to Borobudur, the great Buddhist temple outside Yogyakarta, Indonesia, are guided: a welcome sign informs visitors of the monks’ routine, inviting the neophyte to follow the traditional path they took up and into the temple, entering from the East, and exiting from the West.

It is then up to each and every one to choose their path, whether completing at each of the seven pyramidal levels a circumvolution of 3 laps, clockwise, at a slow and meditative pace, looking at the walls from time to time, with equal attention given to the within and the without, or electing to run straight to the top.

via Borobudur Buddhist Temple, Steps to Nirvana, Indonesia – Video – OOAWORLD: Only. Original. Art..

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