Dreaming, Fearing, and Second Chances

These are the two Americas that [Anand] Giridharadas sees in this story: “An America that still dreams, strives, imagines that tomorrow can build on today — and an America that has resigned to fate, buckled under stress and chaos, lowered expectations. It was Raisuddin, despite being a newcomer, despite being attacked, despite being homeless and traumatized, who belonged to that republic of dreams. And Stroman who belonged to that other, wounded country, despite being born with the privilege of a native white man…

“The moral challenge of my generation, I believe, is to reacquaint these two Americas,” he says. “It is a moral challenge that begs each of us in the flourishing America to take on the wilting America as our own. As Raisuddin tried to do…

“A republic of chances — rewoven, renewed… It begins with us.”

via Two Americas collide in a mini-mart: Anand Giridharadas at TED2015 | TED Blog.

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