forgetful, forgotten control

There are no first or third worlds. No developed or underdeveloped nations. There is only convergence to and divergence from the Society of Control.

The Society of Control is a series of Alpha-Cities–New York, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Paris, etc.–interconnected to each other by a Global Network of Financial Growth and Military Power.

This force-of-control runs across the earth, encoding itself upon every thing and every act, yes, even on people.

Those who cannot evolve fast enough with the constantly modulating systems of Control become the expelled, the driven-out, the forced-along–the forgotten who cannot forget.

Those who open themselves to constant adaptation become the propelled–the driven-on, the thrusted-ahead–the fast and forgetful.

They forget that Control is always-already beyond-control. Indeed, the flows of information and power that course through these networks flow beyond good and evil. Profits flow out, profits flow back. Violence flows out, violence flows back. This is not because good was done and deserves good nor that evil begets evil. It is not a simplistic quid pro quo.

Rather, it is because the structuring of the system regulates that all activity must be reduced to techno-economic transactions and that these must flow through the Alpha Cities. Such transactions go and come as information and material, know-how and human life. And every bit and each person always already accountable.

They who thought themselves masters of control never remember that only Control controls Control. And soon enough the forgotten-who-never-forget flow back to the Centers of the World to provide a repellant account to the eyes of the forgetful.

How then do we dispel the proprieties of the Society of Control that close us off from each other such that we are silenced into a raging red babble of blame that only preserves the obsessive keeping of accounts?

Would invoking Gandhi even be more than a sick joke of Control’s meme-generators?

Let us see and let us listen: “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

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