Professors remain blind to boom in humanities

Gotta love that crisis mentality. Cause the sky be falling and falling. Youth are too fragile and the humanities have no future among our youth. Part this arises from seeing how administrators treat humanities programs and politicians deride them. Part of it also comes from that same cherry picking of data points that allows false nostalgia to get in the way of actually what is going on around us.

header_essay-82502270Professors worry about the ‘crisis in the humanities’. But more people than ever, especially women, are studying them…

[R]elative to business, both the sciences and the humanities have fallen behind since 1971, and the sciences much further. Since the 1980s, however, the gap between the humanities and business has, in fact, shrunk, while the gap between the sciences and business continued to grow. And, very importantly, the rapid expansion of higher education in the world over the past couple of generations means that, in absolute numbers, more people are studying the humanities than ever before.

The question is why humanists have not been able or willing to recognise their own sustained success.

Read the full article at Aeon: Humanities are Booming

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