Slowing Down the Perception of Time

Wherein our intrepid Camera Master, Randall Collis, converses with a theoretical physicist. Talk about mindwalking!

“It is sad, we get older and our brain becomes efficient because we are boring!” she laughs. “Without adventure, life will fly right on by.”Her eyes lock in on mine, and I am surprised how a discussion of physics can increase my heart rate and make my palms sweaty. “We need to find a way to extend our time…”“We need to explore new sensations, overload the brain and perhaps then we can stretch out time just like we did when we were young,” the glimmer in her eyes not seeking approval.

Source: Slowing Down the Perception of Time | China Sojourns Photography


  1. Thank you very much Keith ~ wishing you a great foray into the New Year. While we always seem to be chasing something in this modern world, it is amazing to find out how much is made available when we just sit and watch. Cheers my friend to another successful year ~

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