Bringing out the dead

Being in academia, asked to do what academics do to show they are really academics, makes me feel dead inside.

The world doesn’t need more proliferating monographs and essays. It needs thinkers who will spend time with young people one on one or at least in small numbers to encourage them to think. Not another person who can turn out an essay on spec with sufficient word count and reference numbers to add to the unending overgrowth of academic articles, but someone who just sits around and talks to people to encourage contemplation of everyday life.

So many words, dead little dried up words, decaying concepts mopped up into margins and published at exorbitant prices behind pay walls to ensure the highest institutional expenditure with an eye to more citations by other scholars who do the same thing.

How long do I have to wallow in this already death just so I have the ability to learn from  youth about their situation?

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