Amanda Waller



I was trying to come up with a pithy title for reposting this Vulture report on the DC character, but whenever I tried to describe her in a couple of words, they seemed limiting and wrong. I was just sitting there watching the cursor flash next to her name and realized: Shit… Amanda Waller… that says it all.

In one particularly memorable issue, Batman infiltrates the Squad’s headquarters and Waller is wholly unimpressed by him. “I promise you that, if you blow the whistle on us, I will find out who you are and do the same by you,” she says, extending an accusatory finger at the most intimidating hero in the DC universe. Indeed, her demeanor with everyone was cold-blooded. She attached bracelets to her team members, ones that would blow their arms off if they got out of line. She didn’t care if they died on a mission and was very open with them about it. In her every appearance… she was an action-movie delight, vivid and sonorous. She wasn’t a sex object, she wasn’t a role model, and she wasn’t a stereotype; she was something new and original.

Source: On Suicide Squad’s Historic Leader Amanda Waller — Vulture


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