This Changes Everything | Vanity Fair

Hollywood’s most powerful women appear in the Geena Davis-produced documentary This Changes Everything, which draws a direct line between the president and the industry’s sea change.
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“Hours after This Changes Everything concluded to a standing ovation, director Tom Donahue told Vanity Fair why it was so important to pinpoint Trump’s election as a breaking point for women.

“’To me, it had to be included because all of this exploded while we were making the doc,’ said Donahue, whose production company CreativeChaos vmg—in association with New Plot Films, Artemis Rising, Lyft Entertainment, and David Yurman—began putting the film together three years ago. Donahue said that he first realized the challenges women faced while making his 2012 documentary Casting By, about how casting directors have shaped Hollywood.

“Speaking about Trump, Donahue said, ‘His election was really what did it. It really motivated women. It really angered women. There’s something called horizontal action, which is a term used in colonized societies like India. Indians and colonized people feel powerless to the people in power, so they attack the people around them.’ Referring to the #MeToo movement, he said, ‘That is what happened with women in Hollywood. They attacked the men around them that they could attack and they could bring down, because they couldn’t bring down the person who was elected to the highest office in the land. That was the reason for #MeToo and then Time’s Up came out of that. . . . I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the man who got elected, his naked misogyny was out in the public and it didn’t seem to matter. They elected him anyway. That said it all.’”

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