Concentration Camp Czar Quits

Trump’s Border “Protection” chief–John “I Love To Make Foreign Children Suffer” Sanders–has resigned from his position. Vice News reports that not long after attorneys working for refugees and migrants found kids separated from parents by Custom and Border Patrol in Texas facilities that were living in complete squalor, the senior most official in direct charge of the concentration camps decided to get out of the heated spotlight. He has only been overseeing this god awful venture since April. Imagine what he might have accomplished if he had stuck with it. (More on the conditions, see here.)

Of particular interest in the Vice report is what Sanders has to say in his resignation letter to those who had been supervising. There is, of course, no fucking apology for letting conditions, esp. those of children, become so deplorable. Rather, he doubles down on how proud he is to have been a part of creating these terrible conditions.  As he leaves, he basically tells everyone at CBP to keep up their shitty work making the lives of detained human beings as absolutely god-awful as possible.

Below, what appeasr in italicized brackets is my own translation of what Sanders is really saying to those he supervises…

Throughout our journey together, your determination and can-do attitude made the real difference [in ensuring that we terrorize everyone we get our hands on]. It allowed CBP to accomplish what others thought wasn’t possible…what others weren’t able to do [torturing children while ignoring all codes of decent human conduct, the Constitution, and most of our international agreements on Refugees]. And even though there is uncertainty during change, there is also opportunity [to continue growing our concentration camps and making even more Americans okay with turning into fascists]. I therefore encourage everyone to reflect on all that you have accomplished as a team [separating families, scaring children, ignoring the plight of refugees, etc]. My hope is you build upon your accomplishments and embrace new opportunities, remain flexible, and continue to make CBP extraordinary [at torturing the least amongst us]. This is your organization…own it [but never take responsibility for dehumanizing non-Americans]! Don’t underestimate the power of momentum [white-nationalist power] as you continue to tackle some of this country’s most difficult challenges [how to imprison every if not outright kill all non-Americans that you see as a threat].

Source: Trump’s Border Protection Chief Resigned After Migrant Kids Found in Squalor – VICE News
U.S. Border Patrol agents register migrants at a processing center in El Paso, Texas.
(Photo: Mani Albrecht/U.S. Customs and Border Protection,
via Getty Images, taken from Common Dreams report from March 2019.)

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