Gerrymandering and Woke capitalism

After all of the cowtowing done by Repuglicans to billionaires and CEOs, it is surprising to see such red luminaries as Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio, among a great many other rightward politicians, getting so angry at corporations for using their SCOTUS granted free speech as REAL PERSONS to weigh-in against voter suppression, voting rights for felons, caging children, QUILTBAG rights, and general civil rights. But then, Repuglicans have been so successful in gerrymandering their districts that they have come to represent the loudest minority stance in the USA. A stance that is not only out of step with the rest of the United States, it is not moving at all. That’s why it is a stance.

Michelle Goldberg takes Rubio to task in this op/ed along with the gerrymandering of reality to the point Repuglicans simply cannot understand anymore what is happening. If you really know your history of urfascism, you know that the movement expects complete loyalty. Since most Repuglicans have accepted as a-okay every aspect of oppression in our country and done so while making life nicer for the wealthiest, they are of course shocked to find out that the richest still understand they need the folx being so audaciously and almost joyfully oppressed by the alt-right demagogues.

On issues of race and sex, the disjunction between the values of the Republican Party and those of big corporations is a function of our countermajoritarian politics.

Because of gerrymandering and the small-state bias in the Senate, Republicans can afford to antagonize young people, people in cities and most people of color. Consumer businesses cannot. The Republican Party doesn’t have to care what the majority of Americans think. Public-facing corporations largely do. This creates a tension between Republicans’ foundational economic interests and ideology and their cultural grievances.

Republicans no doubt find this incredibly frustrating, but not frustrating enough to ally even momentarily with Democrats. After all, Republicans are angry at corporations in the first place because they think corporations should be on their side in political fights. Democrats would love to have Republican support for reining in corporate power, even if Republicans were motivated by revenge.

Marco Rubio’s ‘Woke Capital’ Tantrum

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