Professors on contingent contracts are ESSENTIAL 

Teaching and researching are absolutely crucial. The people who do most of the teaching and a good chunk of the basic research are on temporary contracts. They often are called “adjuncts” because they are “joined to” the faculty like an add-on. But actually, in a neoliberal university, tenured faculty are not really more than add-ons and after-thoughts to what the hell ever is being managed in the global industrial instruction networks. Until faculty realize that their vocation as MAGISTERS and DOCTORS, as those with TEACHING authority, actually transcends the MINISTERIAL and CURIAL power of adMINistrators and trustees, they will continue to launch little more than empty critiques of neoliberalization.

There is no such thing as an “adjunct” professor. We are essential. We ARE the university. Any university that allows its administrators to outnumber its faculty is not a university. Any university that values its lazy rivers and climbing walls while diminishing the role of its faculty is not a university. It is, instead, a site which offers an experience of a “notional” college “experience”.

Source: There Is No Such Thing As An Adjunct Professor | The Homeless Adjunct

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