APHORISM 20Feb2023

For Pedro, with thanks for the mind-walk…

What have you done for love? How have you risked yourself to break-open the everyday and find the Heart-Truth that welcomes you into a new possibility?

When desire awakens, do not let this merely dissipate into a one-night stand or become a path to some other amusement. Harness it! Let it flow through you as a faithful intention that brings you close to another.

When friendship blossoms, do not let this merely make you comfortable or yield an escape til something better comes along. Cultivate it! Let it grow along with you as a hopeful connection that grounds you in community.

When, at last, charity thrives, do not let this merely provide justification for why you are a gentle person or give excuses for how you can take short-cuts. Live it! Let it become a caring opportunity in which you arrive at the safe-harbor of your Truth.

And through that Truth, openly welcome all who are in need.

And with that Truth, joyously give the grace that asks for nothing in return.

And in that Truth, carefully prepare a creative place that expresses the glory of being alive.

Yes… yes… I know. There may NOT be anything but atoms bumping around in the void until the cosmos runs down into cold, unmoving death.

But… there SHOULD be more. And it is from the possibility of Love that we can make it so… if we will RISK IT.

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