Meditational Painting | Writing Finger

A really nice elucidation of painting as meditation. As the author states, he is “writing about painting as meditation, not meditation before painting…” I very much recommend a couple of reads.

No human culture lacks adornment.  It can be as simple as deciding what to wear or how to paint your room and it gives gut-level satisfaction.  We feel our arrangement says something about us: the cloth, the paint, the ornaments express something unique to ourselves.  Organizations- schools, fashion houses, brands- try to make us submit to their arrangements.  We refuse: we change the colour of our hair, paint our door a different colour and rearrange our desktop to our own taste.  It may not be more “beautiful” but it is ours.  This is the triumph of individuality.  It is an assertion of who we are in the face of the world.

via Meditational Painting | Writing Finger.


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