General Kafka

“The right understanding of any matter
and a misunderstanding of the same matter
do not wholly exclude each other.”
― Franz KafkaThe Trial

something happened
we cannot know details

rest assured…
it happened

not a good thing
a hushed thing
sitting now with
other somethings
denied specifics

but rest assured:
something will be done
about something and
words will fill
the silence

something will be done
by somebody soon
contacting someone else
who disapproves of
as  happening

because someone else
is constrained
to act until
somebody other claims
particular things
in relation to
general rumors

needs things
requires other

vagueness needs

uncertainty delimits

general events
attach to particulars
gaining depth

something takes a form
defined by all
of “these things”
by the surety
of association

now convinced

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