boring bourgeois banal

It is the time of year when I become most aware of how boring the bourgeois world really is. It offers so many choices giving the appearance of a vibrant world ready for exploration. But really the selection of things you can do–all on sale for immediate purchase or set aside with your tax dollars til you are ready to

How do I get beyond the bourgeois banality?

What is the harm what is the blockage of my channels

A mix of Takemitsu and traditional Koto plays on my soundbar as I type on my iPad. When I am not reading and attempting to write, I have streamed episodes of the anime March comes in like a lion.

It is the time of year when my mind begins to turn to the arcane because the world that surrounds me does not interest.

it is not even all that important that I actually get anything written on this blog so long as I just force the stream of consciousness to begin flowing again.

nothing interests

no thing catches me up

platitudes of loving struggle


Learning how to live discloses how very much we have to disentangle the natural from the cultural.

PHYSIS/NATURA/KIND: what arises as part of our being creatures in nature–limits that define us and determine certain unalienable patterns… physical boundaries that can be extended only so far and bent so much before inevitable stasis or death occurs.

DEMOS/PUBLICA/FOLK: And what is possible as an outcome of our being creatures in community…  social boundaries taking power from how much we are willing to give up and how much we are willing to take on.

Learning how to dialog explores the importance of the latter, how much it may have become thoughtless convention, how it may have reached a point where many if not most see a need to change, not merely to survive but to fully thrive.

What do I care? How do I care?

I get bored easily… Make whatever pseudo medical diagnosis you’d like: Being bored is the primary experience of burden in my life.

I love beautiful phenomenon and for me the most beautiful of all phenomenon is a young person who wants to dialog in authentic loving struggle with someone who is older, with more life experience.

Thus, to me the most beautiful thing that I can call my THEME OF LIFE involves stretching outward in communication to open myself up and see where things go if I can mind-walk with another at length.

If I keep talking with someone over and over again, it is because they free me up. This is my theme: Friendship must free-us-up from the burden, whether it is anxiety, finitude, boredom–howsoever the frustration manifests.

In this sense, I need something to take me up not just take up my time. I need others whose help re-allocates the stifling burden of time-aging-living…

Don’t get me wrong… there’s a joyful noise in this as much as there is any composed answer. There’s a truthful ground that bears us up. There is a beautiful scene that invigorates. Loving struggle as the charity of mutual consideration.

Such is philosophizing as a way of life upon the vehicle of boredom that moves toward freedom.

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