Man-in-Pause: My Mid-Century Change of Life

I got up yesterday–o3 January 2016–realizing the I was fed up with Facebook. I want to keep blogging, but what is the real use of sustaining Facebook?

Sure, I’ll still let things from here cross post over there. But here’s what smacks of 21st century idiocy: giving my energy to curating memes or seeing the asinine political posturing of people I have not talked to since high school or watching people grasp at hope like starving dogs fighting over a bone.

Assuming that I have 25 years of solid thinking left in this life-world–if I am very lucky–requires me to be very honest with myself. Most of what I post about has no hope of ever being changed by me or the next three generations of people I may influence. That is okay. I have always believed that my impact on the world would be at best a very small ripple five or seven generations hence.

But knowing that, I cannot participate any longer in the BS that reduces to the equivalent of a 2 year old splashing about angrily in a puddle of her own piss while wondering where that funny smell is coming from.

More education is not going to save the world. Bureaucrats and policymakers cannot do more than voodoo ceremonies to stabilize our political structures. Techno-scientistic engineers are only perpetuating mechanical patches in a sunk, not a sinking, boat. Religion has no revelation that will make things better even if it is the case that “only a God can save us.” Opting into Mindful practices should only make us more aware of how hopeless the situation is overall.

And with all of that should come the fucking brutal honesty to say, “Okay. I get it. If nothing I do will make a difference, why not just do what I enjoy?”

Mostly because what I enjoy–sharing ideas–has been totally coopted by the machinery of control into long disagreements that do not, on their best days, approach the farthest neighborhood let alone the profound dwelling of “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.”

But now, I concentrate my sharing here on the Reason & Existenz Blog. No  more time wasting.I just want to enjoy my thinkering.

Maybe that does not seem all that different from how I appear to have been living. But expect a few more brutally honest moments from me that might seem like I am being mean, or contentious, or oddly disconnected, or a bit too irreverent, or maniacally reliant on tarot cards, or whatever assumption comes to mind because I tell you that you are wasting your time or spinning your wheels or making excuses because you are terrified to laugh at how little you matter.

Memes and silly discussions and “hopeful” politics stand in the way of seeing the place where we must cut-open our reality and let it spew the guts of a new awakening for a new age.

For me, in my pause from control, there is only the meaning we capture at a glance from the Encompassing, the vast transcendence of Being that immanentizes the eschaton every time a worm collapses probability by choosing one bit of dirt over another.

I’ll keep cross posting the blog at Whatever, Etc., on Facebook for folks who do not want simply to follow the blog.

Now, let Reality bleed the new Aeon! I’m ready to shit rainbows.






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