and… still

There she sits in memory
Drifting on the edge of tomorrow
Laughter fills the daydream light
Tears baptize her pillows
Time is stillness, time is…
Every night in prayer for love
Recalling all the dearest hearts
That sometimes called or wrote
or tarried to share a hopeful moment
Still and still and still
Abed in deafened darkness
Praying aloud for others abroad
Her words a welcome breath to God
A company for lonely Angels
By thy will alone, by thee still…
Spirits do not linger long
Upon this place beneath the sky
Passing clouds shadow the path
Each step each fall each struggle won
Still and still and still
Hard decisions must be made
And make them made after so much else
Alone we come-go holding hands
Born from each other’s solitude
There still is time, there still is…
How blessed to be her expression
Sent forth–an exploration–
Bending to what the world reveals
By so much chance in scarce necessity.
And still and still and…

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